Recycle PET Benefits
Environmental Benefits
‧Recycling PET helps reduce carbon output and moderate global warming – 1 ton of recycle PET reduce 1.5 ton of CO2 emission (1)
‧Recycling PET reduces waste landfill – 1 ton of waste PET bottle take up 7.4 cubic yard of landfill (2).
‧Recycling PET reduces energy need to incinerate waste bottle – It take twice amount of energy to incinerate PET than recycle PET (3)
‧Recycling PET conserve energy needed to harvest new raw petroleum.

Corporation Benefits
‧Promote the use of recycle PET increase corporate environmental image.
‧Using environmental friendly recycle PET packaging could increases potential sales volume.
‧Recycle PET pricing is more stable than virgin PET that is made 100% made from new petroleum.
‧Use of recycle PET help reduce CO2 emission which can be used as tax incentive in some countries.
‧Available Petroleum feedstock is lesson every day, recycling PET can be sustainable alternative to many other plastics.

Consumer Benefits
‧Recycle PET Packaging is generally cheaper than virgin PET packaging.
‧PET packaging can be further recycled. In some countries, recycle PET bottle can be refund.
‧Recycle PET is food safe and in many ways better suited for packaging than other polymers.

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